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On 15.01.2022 04:00 GMT to 15.01.2022 16:00 GMT we have scheduled server maintenance.

Please pay attention to the change of trading hours due to Christmas Day (Dec 25) and New Year's Day (Jan 1).


Spike is a non-market quote. 

On the chart, a spike may look as follows:


Premium signals are everyday trading tips. The signals are based upon a trading algorithm that uses various kinds of analyses and takes each trading instrument's features into account.

Market Overviews are compiled by the Libertex Analytics department.

At any given time, every asset on the market has two prices

Several instruments in the Libertex app are acc

The basic trading principle within Libertex platform is the following: the result of a trade changes in proportion to the price of the underlying asset the trade is based on.

A future contract carries an obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset in a determined  time in the future, at a price set today.

You can set your profit target or loss limit (stop loss). Upon reaching these parameters your trade will be closed automatically.