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Market Overviews are compiled by Libertex.

In this section, you can find information about the most need-to-know market news. 

If the underlying assets in question are open for trading, but you still get this message, this means the asset you have chosen has a low liquidity level, i.e., there are very few, if any, trades m

The active trade report provides you with some general info on the trade in question:

In order to use this feature, select an active trade, then select the amount you wish to add to this trade, and confirm the transaction.

If you've got a trade which is currently 'in the money', and you expect the trend which is positive for you, to continue, you can reinvest your current floating profit into the same asset.

The minimum investment amount for any tradable instrument is €20.

To update your Libertex demo account, use the respective option:

To top up your Libertex demo account, use the respective option:

The Stop Out level is one of the basic trading conditions on the Libertex platform.

A spike is a non-market quote.

On the chart, a spike may look as follows: