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At Libertex, we take your security seriously, which is why we need you to take a moment to check your source of funds.

As a regulated company we are required to verify your identity, within 15 days of your first deposit.

Such requests are processed within one business day.

To reset your account password, please go to our web based platform or use the menu in Libertex mobile app.

Indication Investments Ltd (hereinafter, the Company) is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter, CySEC) and has the official status of Cyprus Invesntment Firm (hereinafter, CIF).

If you are using the mobile platform, open the More tab, go to Manage Profile and select Change Password.

To change your physical or email address: 

As per the applicable regulations and Libertex security policies, you are not allowed to reassign your account to a third party.

Please make sure you have verified your profile by submitting all required documents.

According to the laws and regulations governing the business of Indication Investments Ltd. we are obliged to verify the identity of every client.