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Please note that you can only open a live account and use it for trading purposes if you are at least 18 years old or of legal age, whichever is greater.

The minimum replenishment amount is 10 EURO for all methods except Bank transfer.

In order to do this we kindly ask you to withdraw all your balance from your live account, if applicable.

Margin is an amount reserved on the account balance in order to back the transaction being open.

When you open your positions, keep in mind your total used margin must not exceed your free margin.

Leverage is the ratio between the volumes being traded, i.e. the total investment amount with the multiplier applied, and the used margin amount.

Multiplier allows you to trade amounts that are larger than your account balance.

Why do the brokers divide all the investors into Retail and Professional Clients?

If you wish to keep your current trading conditions without changes, including leverage available for professional customers, you will need to qualify as a Professional Client.