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How does demo trading on Libertex work?

Demo trading conditions are almost the same as those on live trading accounts. The main difference is that a demo account is risk-free, as you can use it without any deposit and top it up for free. The funds on demo accounts are virtual credits, so you cannot withdraw those, of course. A demo account cannot expire, and you can use it for as long as you need. To access your risk-free demo account, please use our web-based platform. A demo account is a great tool to test your trading skills and learn how to open new transactions without depositing real money.

Besides, it is good for testing new strategies before applying them to a live account. In case you need to top up a Libertex demo account, please go to the web-based platform, login with your account credentials, click your email in the right upper corner, and then click 'Update Demo Balance'.

You can also contact us through live chat or other means and ask our representative to top up your demo account.

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