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Unique features of investing in Libertex Invest accounts

If the account balance currency differs from the currency in which the stock is quoted, the monetary amount is automatically converted from the investment currency to the account balance currency when the investment is made. Stocks are then bought or sold at the corresponding exchange rate.

For example, when buying 1 share of Tesla, you need $1104. As such, for accounts denominated in euros, at a EUR/USD exchange rate of 1.12998, you would need about €977.

Since the value of stocks varies, the amount of money required to buy a particular stock also varies.

The amount of money required to buy a share is displayed in the investment window when it is opened:

Unique features of investing Libertex Invest accounts

Let's assume that you have decided to sell a share of Tesla's stock, and the price of the share in dollars has not changed, i.e., it remains at $1104. When you sell 1 Tesla share, you receive $1104, which is converted into euros at the EUR/USD rate of 1.12412, resulting in $1104/1.12412 = €982.10 to your euro-denominated account.

The conversion rate at the time the investment is made is displayed in the Investment History section.

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