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What are Libertex premium signals?

Premium signals are everyday trading tips. The signals are based upon a trading algorithm that uses various kinds of analyses and takes each trading instrument's features into account.

"Knowledge and experience don't come cheap." And when you have to make a quick decision in a volatile and dynamic market, professional expertise is as valuable as gold.

It's only logical given that When it comes to money, If our numerous years of experience has taught us anything, it's that a miser always buys twice. A hasty, poorly-judged move could end in huge losses, but doing nothing means you won't make anything. But don't despair! That's why we created premium signals.

We got our best analysts to distill all their expertise and practical experience into a unified, fully backtested trading algorithm with a proven track record. Our strategy has now been tested by a number of select clients. So what are you waiting for? Just fund your account and in one simple click you can start using our premium signals. Whether you just want to check your own trading ideas against them or follow our plan to the letter — with premium signals — the choice is yours.

What you get:

  • Reliability of trading signals over 75%
  • Comprehensive tips on the most popular assets at any time
  • User-friendly one-click trading

Advantages of premium signals:

  • 35% to 50% yield with moderate trading
  • Out of the box solutions that save you time on asset analysis
  • Reassurance in your own trading ideas

Why should I trust premium signals?

  • Premium signals are based on a tried and trusted algorithm created by Libertex Academy
  • The algorithm was developed by five professional trading analysts, with combined trading experience of nearly 100 years
  • The signals are based on neural networks calculations for the relevant day.

Premium signals algorithm

Candlestick and overall tech analyses, as well as through the application of special unique indicators created by Libertex Academy and adjusted for various time frames. That said, the strategy still works when the market is range-bound. The algorithm determines the best entry points on the basis of long-term trends, also identifying the most attractive levels for opening medium term positions.


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