Libertex Trading Platform

What does the trading process look like and what is the Multiplier Feature?
The basic trading principle within Libertex platform is the following: the result of a trade changes in proportion to the price of the underlying asset the ...
Do CFD's expire on Libertex? How does this happen?
A future contract carries an obligation to buy or sell the underlying asset in a determined  time in the future, at a price set today. Libertex trading ...
How do I lock my profit or set my loss limit?
You can set your profit target or loss limit (stop loss). Upon reaching these parameters your trade will be closed automatically. You can do it both at the ...
What is Stop Out?
Stop out level is one of the basic trading conditions in Libertex. If the stop out level is 100%, this means your position will be closed automatically ...
Which execution type do you use when executing my orders?
All trades you make are executed according to the Market Execution model.
How do I change my Libertex demo account balance?
To top up your Libertex demo account, use the respective option: Specify the desired amount and confirm your transaction: 
How do I update my Libertex demo account?
To update your Libertex demo account, use the respective option:
What are the general financial instrument trading conditions?
General Financial Instrument Trading Conditions For full financial instrument trading terms and conditions, please refer to Instrument Specification...
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount for any tradable instrument is EUR 10.
What is Multiplier and how does it work?
In your trading activities, you can use leverage, or multiplier, which is a feature increasing your trade's profit potential; however, it increases you...