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Why cannot I open a new position when I have available funds on my Libertex account?

When you open your positions, keep in mind your total used margin must not exceed your free margin.


Here is an example.

Let's assume your account balance is €10,000, with €3,333 being already in use.

Thus, your free margin is €6,667.

Now you want to invest €700 in EUR/USD with 500 multiplier. The margin you will need to open this trade is:


Margin = 700*500*1/30 = €11,667

Thus, your free margin, €6.667, is less than the margin requirement for this position, €11,667; this is why your trade won't be placed and you will see the Insufficient Funds warning on your screen.

In order to resolve this issue, you have to either invest a smaller amount or set a smaller multiplier.

If you want to trade with no leverage restrictions, you can apply for the Professional Client status. This is what you have to do.

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