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The new mandatory 50% stop loss (new ESMA requirement)

Please note that, in accordance with the recent ESMA requirements, the margin close-out rule will apply to a trade if the 50% margin value is equal to or less than the amount of funds involved in this trade.

For example:
You open a EUR/USD trade for EUR 1000 with a multiplier of 10. 
50% of this value is EUR 500. This is the value that the Stop Loss will be set at. In other words, it will be executed when the position reaches EUR 500.

Note: If the amount of active trade increases, the Stop Loss value will be 50% of the new amount.

For example: 
You open a EUR/USD trade for EUR 1000. The Stop Loss level is 50%, which is equal to EUR 500. After you increase the amount of the active trade by EUR 500, the total amount is EUR 1500, and the Stop Loss level is automatically set to EUR 750.

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