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How do commission discounts work?

When you open a position with Libertex, you are required to pay a brokerage commission. That's why we always do our best to make you feel as though you got your money's worth by ensuring that your trading experience is a positive and enjoyable one. In fact, our clients receive some of the best trading terms available on the market.

GOLD level

Total deposit of €250

GOLD+ level

Total deposit of €1450


Total deposit of €1500

 VIP level

Total deposit of €5000

Discount rate - 3%

Discount rate - 4%

Discount rate - 20%

Discount rate - 30%

How exactly does our discount system work? Let's suppose you are a PLATINUM level client and you wish to open a €500 EUR/USD position with a multiplier of 100. Well, then the value of your trade will now be €500 x 100, which equates to €50,000. Under normal market conditions, the standard commission on a trade of this amount would be approximately €3.50. Therefore, once we apply the maximum discount rate of 20%, the amount of commission due is €2.80.

However, in practice, the actual discount a PLATINUM client receives could be slightly lower or higher than this amount. This is because the market situation is constantly evolving. Any sharp change in the volatility or liquidity of a given instrument will impact the amount of commission charged for all market participants. We have a duty to safeguard our clients' deposits at times like these, which is why we are unable to provide the maximum discount rate in such circumstances. Still, we always ensure that we give our clients the maximum discount possible in the current market conditions.

Please note that not all instruments available to trade on the Libertex terminal are eligible for discount.

*Status is provided only for Libertex account lifetime deposit.

**Commission discounts are eligible only for trading in Libertex terminal.

***Statuses are granted on a monthly basis with the company maintaining the right to not renew clients' statuses at its own discretion.

**** Discounts will not be applied in conjunction with special offers.


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